Brett aspires to work as a specialist in Information Technology. Rather than locking his sights on a single market or industry, his aim steadied in the direction of any company or entity that only provides services and products that are useful, non-adversarial, moral, and necessary for people today - "things that make a real impact on peoples lives".


"My experience lies in web, but I have a true passion for writing software of any kind, as well as the impact that quality automation can have on a companies productivity"

"I know that even with great managment and a skilled team - If you don't get your butt up and really listen to the people using your software, you will fail to achieve results that are groundbreaking and superior."

"When I write code sometimes I spend more time thinking about what I want to name a method or variable rather than the logic itself, at first I thought I was crazy. After revisiting code that was written months prior, I can tell you that all developers MUST adopt this practice."