I'm Brett — The Full-stack .NET Developer you are looking for.
(who enjoys the occasional dabble in Unity and Microsoft Kinect-Libraries)

I'm very skilled in what I believe to be a very fun and powerful mix of stack technologies, Front-end: Angular 1-4, Back-end and API: .NET Core 1 - 2, Database: SQL Server 2008 ~ (Including TSQL and stored procedures), Test-frameworks: MS Unit, XUnit, Karma, Protractor.

Thanks for your time reviewing my portfolio. All applications showcased on this portfolio were developed by me. I hope I will have the opportunity to be able to work with your team soon! I am currently volunteering at a local non-profit Code For Kansas City on a a web application. This application will use existing data to help determine a best use/decision for repurposing or bringing vacant parcels to market in kansas city. Please view my latest commits to the backend and client app on github here and occasionally ill serve a debug/proto version at http://cfkc.burtson.com


I'm happy to announce that I have pushed my C# skills to the next level. I have been working hard to increase my pluralsight IQ I am now officially an Expert in the C# programming language.
If thats true... why do I still learn something new everytime I sit down?.. or is that what makes an expert an expert?.. :)

Additionally, I was humbled to recieve an invitation from pluralsights staff to sit and chat with them about about my experience learning from pluralsight. Members at pluralsight was asked to share my thoughts about there latest additions to their application! I'm not going to spoil anything but, they have added some great new tools and features for learners like me. It was a pleasure to speak with developers, authors and business people that provide such a great service for us developers.

Here is what I have been learning on pluralsight:
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I'd like to take a moment to put this website in the portfolio spotlight also! This website is hosted and maintained on my own local server. It is a .NET Core Web application Hosted on IIS for windows 10. Additionally, every Database these applications depend on are hitting a locally administrated SQL server instances.

Please check view some of my applications Thanks for your time! Regards! -Brett